Building a DIY LoRaWAN gateway

Building a DIY LoRaWAN gateway is recommended for users with advanced skills and previous experience in LoRa, LoRaWAN, Linux operating system, Raspberry Pi hardware, Semtech Basics Station packet forwarder. It requires significant more implementation and operation effort compared to the usage of qualified gateway. It does not provide cost benefits compared with the costs of budget-priced gateways from AWS Partner Device Catalog (e.g. Browan MiniHub Pro). It is suitable only for learning purposes in laboratory environment and is not for production.

If you want to build your own LoRaWAN gateway, please find a non-exhaustive list of options below. Please note that a success of implementation may highly depend on broad range of factors (e.g. hardware releases, firmware version of involved devices, software versions, used operating systems, etc.). Please use this information at your own risk. Authors of this workshop can neither guarantee any specific outcome no guarantee to provide technical support.