Device-related issues

Issue: Device is sending data but they are not being processed by my AWS IoT Rule

Diagnostic options:

  1. Check if device can send uplink to AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN

    aws iotwireless list-wireless-devices 
    aws iotwireless get-wireless-device-statistics --wireless-device-id <Device id> 

    If output indicates the device is sending the uplink, but you don’t see any data arriving in your AWS IoT Rule, consider two reasons:

    • Device is performing a successful join request but is not transmitting any telemetry
    • Device is transmitting telemetry, but your AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN destination or IoT Rule are not configured correctly.
  2. Check the configuration of your device

    Run the following commands and compare the outputs to the credentials of your LoRaWAN device provided by the device manufacturer:

    aws iotwireless list-wireless-devices 
    aws iotwireless get-wireless-device --identifier <Id>  --identifier-type WirelessDeviceId
  3. View log of the LoRaWAN gateway to verify the success of a join procedure

    Ensure to set maximal logging level for Basic Sation software. Below is an example of log entries showingsuccessfulull join procedure:

    2021-02-26 05:29:08.517 [AIO:XDEB] [3|WS] > {"msgtype":"jreq","MHdr":0,"JoinEUI":"A0-00-00-00-00-00-01-02","DevEUI":"A8-40-41-00-01-81-B6-96","DevNonce":61202,"MIC":345127384,"RefTime":0.000000,"DR":0,"Freq":922000000,"upinfo":{"rctx":0,"xtime":20266198578459652,"gpstime":0,"fts":-1,"rssi":-114,"snr":-9.25,"rxtime":1614317348.517240}}
    2021-02-26 05:29:09.208 [AIO:XDEB] [3|WS] < {"msgtype":"dnmsg","DevEui":"00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00","regionid":7,"dnmode":"updn","dC":0,"diid":30794,"pdu":"20e237b4853661c8c5b3a7db5291f64844e5481eed243d88fc946018b4a4e816f7","priority":1,"RxDelay":5,"RX1DR":0,"RX1Freq":922000000,"xtime":20266198578459652,"rctx":0}