Inspiration for next steps

By using AWS IoT Rules actions, you can easily integrate payloads from your LoRaWAN devices with AWS IoT and other AWS services. For example you could:

  • Use a Republish action to publish the decoded device payloads to AWS IoT Core MQTT broker
  • Use Kinesis Data Firehose action to perform a batch processing of your payloads.
  • Use an S3 action to store the decoded device payloads in a data lake for further analytics and visualization.
  • Use an IoT Sitwise action to send data to asset properties in AWS IoT SiteWise.
  • Use a Step function action to start an AWS Step Functions state machine for each incoming message.
  • Use IoT Events action to sends data from to an AWS IoT Events input.
  • And many others

In the section “Useful resources” you will find references to blogs and samples that we hope to be useful to build solutions on top on data from LoRaWAN devices