Before you start

Target audience
This workshop is for developers, solutions architects and technical decision makers.

Necessary background knowledge
Fundamental understanding of the AWS Management console, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, AWS IAM and Python is recommended.

What you are going to learn
The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with actionable guidance for building LoRaWAN-based IoT solutions on AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, AWS IoT Core and further AWS services. In particular, you will receive step-by-step guidance to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Set up and configure LoRaWAN a gateway and devices
  • Connect LoRaWAN gateway and devices to AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN
  • Build IoT applications based on data from LoRaWAN devices

The expected duration for running all the labs in this workshop is 8 hours. This estimate does not include time for learning the fundamentals of LoRaWAN technology and evaluation and procurement of the LoRaWAN hardware.

All resources created in this workshop are billed based on pay-per-use principle. We estimate the total costs of AWS resources necessary for this workshop to be below $2 if you use them for 24 hours, and below 10$ if you use them for 7 days. Main cost driver for this workshop is the Amazon EC2 instance for Grafana.

The resources for this workshop can be deployed in all regions that support AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN. As of Feb 2021 these are N. Virginia(us-east-1) and Europe(Ireland)(eu-west-1).


  • AWS Account: If you don’t have an AWS Account yet, please follow the instructions to create one.
  • Browser: e.g. Safari, Chrome or Firefox in a recent version

Hardware prerequisites
The following prerequisites are required to complete this workshop:

  • A LoRaWAN gateway fulfilling the necessary prerequisites for AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN. We recommend that you use qualified gateways from AWS Partner Device Catalog, as they connect to AWS IoT Core out of the box, without any need to modify embedded software. Other options are described in the Connecting a gateway section.
  • A LoRaWAN device. You can use this workshop with any LoRaWAN device that complies with a LoRaWAN specification. However, for a set of LoRaWAN devices the binary decoder is already included in this workshop, so that you can immediately connect these devices to AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN. You can find the list of included devices in section Connecting a device / Devices for this workshop.

If you want to run this workshop without a hardware, you will find instructions for simulating the ingestion.

You will find instructions to remove the deployed resources in the section “Cleanup”. Please ensure to perorm the cleanup steps after the completion of the workshop to avoid potentially unwanted costs.