View grafana dashboards

1. Open AWS Secrets manager
Please click on this link to view secrets and click on the secret with a name demo/Grafana….: AWS Management Console

2. Retrieve the administrator password for Grafana
Please click on “Retrieve secret value”: AWS Management Console

Please note the password as it will be required in the next step: AWS Management Console

3. Retrieve the URL for Grafana dashboard
Please open the output section of the CloudFormation stack and click on the link specified by the GrafanaDashboardURL output parameter. AWS Management Console

4. Login to the Grafana
A new window with Grafana login form will open. Please provide admin as a username and the password you retrieved from AWS secrets manager.

AWS Management Console

5. View dashboard
After login you will see a Grafana dashboard with first initial values. Please consider the following notes:

  • It will take time till the dashboard is completed depending on the frequency of ingestion from your devices
  • Not all devices are currently supported in terms of providing prebuilt dashboards. Please use the existing dashboards to adjust them to the payloads your LoRaWAN devices or submit an Issue on Github if you need help in building a dashboard for your LoRaWAN device.

AWS Management Console