Update destination

Please open Destinations view in AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN console by clicking on this link or navigating to AWS IoT, Wireless Connectivity, Destinations.

1. Select destination “WorkshopDestination<Your name without spaces>”

Please click the destination with a name you used in Lab 12, “Update Destination” (e.g. “WorkshopDestination<Your name without spaces>”):

AWS Management Console

Please click on the “Edit” button: AWS Management Console

2. Update the rule name
Please scroll down and change the rule name for the destination to the name of the IoT Rule created by the CloudFormation stack as noted in a previous section, e.g. lorawanworkshop_WriteLoRaWANDataToTimestream_dragino_sample_device.

After this please click on “Save”.

AWS Management Console

4. Review the updated destination
Please verify the updated IoT rule name in the destination list. Please double-check that the rule name in the destination and the IoT Rule name in the AWS IoT Rules console are exactly the same.

AWS Management Console