update destination

Please open Destinations view in AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN console by clicking on this link or navigating to AWS IoT, Wireless Connectivity, Destinations.

1. Select destination “WorkshopDestination<Your name without spaces>”

Please click the destination with a name you used in Lab 7, part “Create Destination” (e.g. “WorkshopDestination<Your name without spaces>”):

AWS Management Console

Please click on the “Edit” button: AWS Management Console

2. Update the rule name
Please scroll down and change the rule name for the destination to the name of the IoT Rule from Lab 10 MyWorkshopLoRaWANRuleWithDecoder_<Your device name>, e.g. MyWorkshopLoRaWANRuleWithDecoder_sample_device.

After this please click on “Save”.

AWS Management Console

3. Review the updated destination
Please verify the updated IoT rule name in the destination list. Please double-check that the rule name in the destination and the IoT Rule name in the AWS IoT Rules console are exactly the same.

AWS Management Console