Create wireless device

Please open AWS IoT Wireless console by clicking on this link or navigating to AWS IoT, Wireless connectivity, Devices and clicking on “Create” button.

1. Open “Add wireless device”
Please click on “Add wireless device”:

AWS Management Console

2. Provide input

In the Lab 5: identify device root keys you have identified a set of root keys for your LoRaWAN device:

  1. If identified keys are DevEUI, AppKey, AppEUI please select **OTAA v1.0.x **as a wireless device specification
  2. If identified keys are DevEUI, AppKey, NwkKey and JoinUI please select OTAA v1.1 as a wireless device specification
  3. If identified keys are neither matching 1. nor 2., please return back to Lab 5: identify device root keys and identify root keys according to both options listed above.

After selecting the wireless device specification version, you will be able to input the root keys you identified in Lab 5: identify device root keys.

After providing the root keys please also add a device name, e.g. “Workshop Wireless Device of <Your name>”

AWS Management Console

Please ensure to input the root keys exactly as provided by the device manufacturer, as providing a wrong root key will result in device failing to connect to AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN. Please pay attention to sometimes minor differences in writing between letters “B” vs “8” vs “S”.

3. Select device and service profile
Scroll down and endure that “Associate a thing with your wireless device” option is enabled. AWS will create a thing in AWS IoT for you and associate it with this device. Things in AWS IoT can make it easier to search for and manage your devices.

After that, please select wireless profile and device profile you created in the previous steps, i.e. “Workshop device profile of <Your name>” and “Workshop service profile of <Your name>”. AWS Management Console

Afterwards please click on “Next”.

4. Select a destination Plese select a destination you have created in one of the previous steps (e.g. WorkshoDestination<Your Name>)

AWS Management Console

Please click on “Add device”

5. Review the created device AWS Management Console