Create Device Profile

1. Open the AWS IoT Core Management console

Please log in using the link and ensure that you choose one of regions supporting AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN.

The AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN console will open: AWS Management Console

2. Change to “Profiles” view
Please click on “Profiles” menu item and a following overview of existing Device and Service Profiles shall appear: AWS Management Console

Please click on “Add device profile”.

3. Provide device data
In the form below please provide the following data:

  • Device profile name: a descriptive name of your choice for this profile, e.g. “Workshop device profile of
  • Frequency band (RFRegion): please select a frequency band your device and gateway will be using. For most European countries EU868 is a right choice. For USA US915 is a right choice. If in doubt, you can review a regional parameters document, section “1.2 Quick cross reference table”.
  • MAC version: this parameter should specify the most recent version of LoRaWAN specification supported by your device. Unless device documentation states otherwise, please select 1.0.3.
  • Regional parameters version: please select RP002-1.0.1, unless specified otherwise in your device documentation
  • MaxEIRP: please enter the default value 15
  • Supports class: please select class A, unless you are aware of specific requirements to use classes B and C and your device supports it AWS Management Console

After proving the data, scroll down and click on “Add device profile”

4. Review the added device profile AWS Management Console