identify device root keys

In this lab, you will identify root keys for your LoRaWAN device. This information will be used in a next step to configure this device in AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN.

Please identify the following information for your LoRaWAN device:

Root key Description Length Where to find
DevEUI Unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer 16 digit hexadecimal Label on device or device documentation
AppKey Shared secret between device and the application 32 digit hexadecimal Device documenttion
AppEUI Uniquely identifies a join server (was renamed to JoinEUI in OTAA v.1.1) 16 digit hexadecimal Device documenttion

In case AppEUI is missing in your documentation, but you find parameters NwkKey and JoinEUI , it means that your device supports OTAA v.1.1. In such case please note DevEUI, AppKey, NwkKey and JoinEUI before proceeding.

If you find the keys NwkSKey (sometimes also falsely called NwSK, Network Session Key or NSK) and AppSKey (sometimes also falsely called AppsKey, ASK, Application Session key) in the documents of your device, they can be ignored for the purpose of this workshop. These are the keys for Activation By Personalisation (ABP) method, which offers less security then OTAA and is not covered in this workshop.