Supported devices

You can use AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN with any device that supports LoRa Alliance’s LoRaWAN specification.

To get most of this workshop, we recommend you to use one of devices supported by this workshop. For supported devices this workshop already contains binary decoders. You will find an overview of supported devices in the table below. However, you can also use this workshop with any LoRaWAN device that complies with a LoRaWAN specification, or even without a physical device by using a simulation capabilities described in this workshop.

Supported LoRaWAN devices
The following list provides an overview of supported LoRaWAN devices (i.e. devices with binary decoder included in this workshop):

  • Water Metering
    • Axioma W1
  • Door sensor
    • Dragino LDS01
  • Temperature, humidity, moisture
    • Sample virtual device generating random temperature and humidity measurements (to use as fallback in no LoRaWAN device is available)
    • Dragino LHT65 (temp+humidity)
    • Dragino LSE01 (temp+moisture)
    • RAK 7200
  • Indoor position tracking
    • Dragino LBT1
  • GPS Tracking
    • Dragino LGT92
    • Browan Tabs Object Locator

If you have a LoRaWAN device which is not listed above
If your LoRaWAN device is not listed above and you want to use it in this workshop, you can request support for this device by submitting a new issue in our GitHub repository. Please click here and state the manufacturer and model of your LoRaWAN device. We will soon provide you a feedback on how your device can be used for this workshop.

If you don’t have a LoRaWAN device yet
If you don’t have a LoRaWAN device yet but want to learn more about AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, we suggest the following approach:

  • Please review Labs 6-9 (you will not be able to run them without a supported LoRaWAN device)
  • Starting with the Lab 10 in the chapter “Decoding binary payloads”, you will be able to use a simulated LoRaWAN device. You will find instructions on how to use the simulated device in the individual labs.