Browan MiniHub Pro

In case of issues accessing the Getting Started guide or need for further information about the gateway, please review the gateway’s entry on AWS Partner Device Catalog.

1: Review user manual
Please review the user manual of Browan MiniHub Pro (see “User guide” section of

2: Connect to your gateway and open the setup page
Please refer to “Connect to Web GUI” section of the user manual

3: Open settings page
Click “Configure AWS & LoRa Setting” to open the setting page

4: Check the firmware version
At the top of the page you should see a “Firmware Version” section. Please ensure that your firmware version is at least 0.9.30. If you have an earlier version, please follow instructions in the reference manual to update the firmware.

5: Configure CUPS parameters
In the “LoRa Network Server (LNS)” section, please perform the following configurations:

  • Select “Enable CUPS”
  • In the CUPS URI field, please enter the CUPS endpoint URL you have noted in the previous sections
  • For “Install CUPS Trust” please upload the trust certificate for CUPS ( file
  • For “Install CUPS CRT” please upload the gateway device certificate file (e.g. nnnnnnnn-nnnn-nnnn-nnnn-nnnnnnnnnnnn.cert.pem)
  • For “Install CUPS Key” please upload the gateway device private key file (e.g. nnnnnnnn-nnnn-nnnn-nnnn-nnnnnnnnnnnn.private.key)

Finally click on “Save button” at the bottom of the page.

6: Set up the internet connection
Please refer to “WiFi Setting” section of the user manual to configure how your gateway will connect to the internet.

6: Check the internet connection
Please verify that your gateway is in status “WiFi station connected, Sta is connected to LNS, radio listening”, i.e. the LED color is Green and blink pattern is soild. You can refer to “LED behavior” section of the user manual for status diagnosis.