Key concepts

A LoRaWAN gateway is a device that connects LoRaWAN end devices to the AWS cloud. Software called LoRa Basics Station running on your gateway is a prerequisite for connecting your gateway to AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN. LoRa Basics Station is open source software that is maintained by Semtech Corporation, available at GitHub. The minimum required version of LoRa Basics Station software is 2.0.4.

Qualified gateways from the AWS Partner Device Catalog
We recommend that you use qualified gateways from AWS Partner Device Catalog, as they connect to AWS IoT Core out of the box, without any need to modify embedded software. They already include a compatible version of the BasicsStation software. To see an overview of prequalified gateways, please visit AWS Partner Device Catalog.

If you have a qualified gateway, please proceed to the next section

Other gateways
From a technical standpoint, any gateway running LoRa Basics Station software with version 2.0.4 and above can be used to establish a connection between the gateway and AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN. Please use “TLS Server and Client Authentication” authentication model according to Basic Station documentation. Before you proceed to the next section, please ensure that LoRa Basic Station with version 2.0.4 and above is installed on your LoRaWAN gateway.

“Do It Yourself”-gateways
If you are a developer interested in building your own LoRaWAN gateway for prototyping purposes, you will find hints here. Please note that advanced experience in Linux, LoRaWAN, Raspberry Pi and basic knowledge of BasicStation LNS and CUPS protocols are prerequisites.

For an overview of LoRaWAN devices that can immediately be used in this workshop, please proceed to the Connecting your device section. Other LoRaWAN devices can also be used, however they may require that you provide or develop a suitable a binary decoder.