LoRaWAN protocol versions

LoRa Alliance specifies the LoRaWAN protocol in documents called LoRaWAN specifications. Though LoRaWaN operates in unlicensed radio spectrum, manufacturers and operators of LoRaWAN devices still have to fulfill various country-specific regulations. To account for that, LoRa Alliance also publishes regional parameters documents specify a common denominator per country as a recommendation (but not specification) for device manufacturers and operators.

Below you will find an overview of all available versions of the LoRaWAN specifications.

Version Year Major changes Download specification
1.0 2015 Initial release
1.0.1 2016 Clarifications / corrections
1.0.2 2016 Separation of regional parameters
1.1 2017 Roaming added, security features added. 1.1
1.0.3 2018 Class B added as normative 1.0.3
1.0.4 2020 Class B improved, security improved, clarifications 1.0.4

The protocol versions 1.0.1-1.0.4 are commonly referred to as 1.0.x, opposed to version 1.1.

The LoRaWAN Regional Specification describes the recommended configurations and parameters for different regions worldwide. They are separated from the protocol specification to allow the addition of new regions without impacting the LoRaWAN specification. You can download the most recent version of LoRaWAN Regional Specification RP2-1.0.2 here

Trivia, not relevant for this workshop: back in 2017, as the adoption of the version 1.1 has been lower than expected, the LoRa Alliance has decided to release specifications in 2018 based on 1.0.x series (i.e. continuing with 1.0.3 in 2018, 1.0.3 being based on 1.0.2). However, the version 1.0.4 is the last one in 1.0.x series, the next specification version will be a continuation of 1.1 series.